Ready to Eat

Makanan siap saji

      Ready to Eat in question is a type of food that is packaged, easily served, practical, or processed in a simple way. For RTE (Ready to Eat) products, PT. Suryajaya Abadiperkasa also has strategic partnerships with several institutions (National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos) and the government of Timor Leste) and companies, especially companies with good brand awareness such as LA FONTE, SARI ROTI, and so on.

The following are RTE products made by PT. Suryajaya Abadiperkasa:
1. Masakan Indonesia (MI), is a blend of traditional Indonesian ingredients such as Rendang, Kare, Lodeh, Gudeg, Sambal Goreng etc. Packed in cans with a durability of up to 2 years. as a diversification of the Meat Products Division with niche market segmentation, both for local and export markets (Netherlands).
2. Sauce in sachet: Bolognese Sauce, Chicken Sauce, and Mushroom Sauce. Packaged with a temperature resistant plastic sterilizer (retortable) sachet of 60 grams. in collaboration with Lafonte (Indofood Group)
3. East Timorese Cuisine: There are elevent items of East Timorese Cuisine that mixed and packed in can. All East Timorese cuisine items are mixed and packaged by SJAP and exported to East Timor country such as Kalderada, Samtum, Molho, etc.
4. Corned Qurban: Qurban meat preservation service so that sufficient time and durability in distribution to the target area. Preservation of qurban meat with Rumah Zakat Indonesia (Superqurban), Yatim Mandiri, and ESQ.
5. Ready-to-eat rations for the National Disaster Management Agency, with three categories: Nutrition Supplement, Fast Food, and Side Dishes. There are 13 Indonesian special items that are mixed and packaged by SJAP for BNPB which will be distributed to the disaster area to be served to disaster victims.
6. Ready-to-eat rations for the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs. There are 6 Indonesian cuisine items that are formulated and packaged by SJAP for the Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs for social purposes such as natural disasters and famine.

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