Product Classification of PT. Suryajaya Abadiperkasa

daftar produk PT. Suryajaya Abadiperkasa

PT. Suryajaya Abadiperkasa manufactures 3 types of products, including:

1. Processed Meat Products

2. Processed Vegetable Products

3. Ready to Eat

Daging Analog (Vegetable based Meat)

          This product is a high protein substitute for beef and chicken. This product is made from soy protein so it is healthy and halal. It's easy to prepare and can be combined with various kinds of seasonings as well as cooking meat dishes. For example rawon, rendang, curry and so on.

Daging buatan yang terbuat dari protein kedelai

Daging Analog is the newest innovation product from PT. Suryajaya Abadiperkasa.

  • Processed Meat Products

    Processed meat products produced by PT. Suryajaya Abadiperkasa is processed using meat processing and canning machine with an environmentally friendly production process. The raw material is quality choice meat, which is obtained from suppliers in the form of frozen boneless beef. The quality used includes Forequarter 65 to 85 CL. Processed meat products are processed sterile and packaged in cans or plastic with a pH> 5.5, and normal organoleptic. The products include corned beef and sausages.

  • Processed Vegetable Products

    Fresh mushroom raw materials are obtained from the planting of PT. Surya Agropratama which is a subsidiary of PT. SJAP. Besides that, PT. SJAP has also developed a partnership system with mushroom farmers in Bromo. Mushroom raw materials are produced from fresh materials and from locations that are guaranteed cleanliness in order to maintain quality. The selected mushrooms are sterile and are packaged in cans or plastic with a pH of 4.5-6.2 (Low Acid), Aw> 0.85 (High water content).

  • Ready to Eat

    Ready to Eat in question is a type of food that is packaged, easily served, practical, or processed in a simple way. For RTE (Ready to Eat) products, PT. Suryajaya Abadiperkasa also has strategic partnerships with several institutions (National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), Indonesian Ministry of Social Affairs (Kemensos) and the government of Timor Leste) and companies, especially companies with good brand awareness such as LA FONTE, SARI ROTI, and so on.

  • Qurban Meat Canning Service

    Qurban meat canning services for broader benefits and easier distribution. We facilitate you to sacrifice in a new and different way, namely qurban meat which is processed into corned beef or rendang. So it is more durable and more easily distributed to our relatives who really need it.